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28/09/06 MiniCMS Launched
Release of three new miniCMS tools

14/12/05 Limbo release
Limbo v1.0.4.2 release

07/05/05 Update mailling List


All users should read this and install the fix or the latest version !

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Website Instantly PHP applications


WEBInsta™ php applications provides a dynamic website building solution for small business and indivisuals who want to make their web presence felt . It provides a non programmer or a website builder to build a PHP driven applications within minutes without knowing any PHP or any other programming language . It provides the user with pre made professional looking templates to provide the user with an starting push and help him to pay more attention to the content which he is going to publish .

WEBInsta™ tries to provide a complete seperation between the programming logic ( php ) and the design logic ( HTML,XML,etc ) of the website .It uses fast templates which is easy to use and integrate . With lots of templates it provides a jump start in building the website and other usefull php applications.

All come with an easy installation ! provides a host of other services at affordable prices .

  • We provide Website design solutions to your company to help you provide a professional image of your compagny to your client .
  • We also design custom Graphics for logos , templates , interfaces etc .
  • Server side programming for building dynamic websites which are easy to manage and run .
  • Client end programming in Javascript , DHTML and other similar for enchancing your clients experience at your website .